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Our approach enables intensive, early action for vulnerable children.

What is the Children’s Action Plan?

The Children’s Action Plan is a cross-agency initiative which began in 2012 to better support vulnerable children and their families/whānau. 

It introduces a different way of working to improve results for vulnerable children and their families.

Since 2013 we have established 10 Children’s Teams across New Zealand to give effect to our approach. The Children’s Team approach brings together professionals from health, education, welfare and social service agencies, iwi and non-government organisations to identify and support vulnerable children and their families.


How does the Children’s Action Plan fit in with the new Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki?

In response to the Expert Advisory Panel’s final report and recommendations, the Minister for Social Development, Anne Tolley, has announced a new stand-alone agency, the Ministry for Vulnerable Children, Oranga Tamariki. This outlines a new future direction for the whole vulnerable children’s sector and comprehensive and fundamental changes to how we work.

The new Ministry will incorporate the functions of Child, Youth and Family, Community Investment and the Children’s Action Plan Directorate, including Children’s Teams, ViKI and the Vulnerable Children’s Hub.

The new Ministry will begin operating on 1 April 2017. A key aspect of the preparation work is ensuring a smooth transition, so there’s minimal disruption to children, young people, whanau, caregivers, providers and staff – all those involved in our service,  when we change over on 1 April next year

Children’s Teams will continue to accept more referrals, engage more lead professionals, and most importantly continue to make a difference for even more vulnerable children and young people.

The new child-centred system for vulnerable children will take 4-5 years to fully implement. Find out more about what’s involved, including proposed legislation changes and some of the initial themes that are emerging from the co-design workshops, via the Investing in Children programme page on the MSD website (external link) .


How did we get here?

 The Government released the White Paper for Vulnerable Children on 11 October 2012 with the Children's Action Plan.

The Children's Action Plan gives effect to the White Paper, which reflected wide-spread public consultation on how to get better results for our vulnerable children from the Green Paper for Vulnerable Children.