Vulnerable Kids Information System (ViKI)

By working smarter, we can help more children.

Registered ViKI users can access ViKI using the website below:

What is ViKI?

ViKI is an easy to use information management system to record, access and manage concerns about vulnerable children. ViKI securely stores information, supports case management and reports on outcomes.

ViKI is an essential resource for the Children’s Teams, Lead Professionals, Child’s Action Network members and providers of identified services. Practitioners from different agencies, non-government organisations and service providers, who have appropriate access, use ViKI as part of their role working with the Children’s Team. It ensures that each person working alongside each child can work more effectively with their colleagues from other organisations.

ViKI became operational on 16 November 2015 and now supports the Hamilton, Canterbury and Counties Manukau Children’s Teams.

How does it work?

Using ViKI, Children’s Teams are able to securely and appropriately share what they know about a child and their family/whānau. This allows them to build a full picture of the child’s situation and put together a comprehensive combined plan of services to meet that child’s unmet needs. We’ll get a much better idea of what works and doesn’t, helping us to make better decisions on future services for vulnerable children.

ViKI is a unique source of detailed information about a child’s needs, the services being provided and the results achieved. It’s the first time all practitioners and professionals working with a child will have secure and appropriate access to all information.

ViKI enables practitioners to:

  • record their interactions with vulnerable children and their families/whānau
  • securely share specific information about a child and their family/whānau
  • understand the needs of the child and their family/whānau
  • develop and manage Child’s Plans for the delivery of services to meet the needs of the child and their family/whānau
  • record and monitor the progress of the child and family/whānau
  • for the first time, securely access and share all the information about a vulnerable child they’re working with where appropriate.

Information in ViKI will build up over time as we identify vulnerable children and share relevant information about their issues, needs and context. Collection of information starts in the Vulnerable Children’s Hub and continues throughout the journey of the child with the Children’s Team until they exit.

Who uses ViKI?

ViKI supports the Vulnerable Children’s Hub staff and the three large Hamilton, Canterbury and Counties Manukau Children’s Teams. The scale of the Children’s Teams in these large, urban cities requires an information system that can accommodate large numbers of practitioners and professionals.

Key users of ViKI are Vulnerable Children’s Hub staff. The Vulnerable Children's Hub is a central point for receiving and responding to concerns and queries about vulnerable children. The Vulnerable Children’s Hub social workers gather information from appropriate government agencies and record the information in ViKI.

The Children’s Team staff, Children’s Team Panel members, Lead Professionals and Child’s Action Network members use ViKI on a regular basis.

How is ViKI secure?

ViKI provides a robust and secure information sharing system for Children’s Teams. It has controls in place to ensure the people using them act carefully and responsibly.

Controls are in place to ensure users can only view and contribute to information needed to perform their role within the Children’s Team. Before users can access ViKI, they need to verify their identity with a RealMe account. Once verified, users must successfully complete a security awareness training module before they can access information in ViKI.

We provide training in using ViKI to ensure that everyone using the system understands good practice of personal and professional security protocols. Ongoing education and training for front-line professionals and practitioners ensures that ViKI users understand and practice good personal online security measures when using ViKI.

We undertook a Privacy Impact Assessment which examined the privacy issues associated with collecting and sharing information about vulnerable children with ViKI.

We are constantly monitoring and evaluating its usability and effectiveness by working with these Children’s Teams to check it is meeting their needs. Our focus is on its secure information sharing, ease of use, informing decision-making and reporting results, and saving time so that professionals and practitioners have more time to spend working with children and their family/whānau.