Children's Teams

Working together, providing early and intensive intervention.

To learn more about the ten Children’s Teams, go to Our Children’s Teams.

If you have been referred to a Children’s Team, or someone has talked to you about it, see our For families/whānau section for more information.

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What is a Children’s Team?

The Children’s Team approach is a new way of working together to support children vulnerable to abuse and neglect so they can thrive, achieve and belong.

This way of working is relevant to all those who work with children and families/whānau. Children’s Teams bring together practitioners and professionals from the iwi/Māori, health, education and social services sector to develop a single plan to help and support each vulnerable child.

Children’s Teams put each vulnerable child at the centre of everything they do.  Wrapping early services and joined up support around each child to address their is making a real difference.

Children’s Teams are not a new service but a new approach. This is a fundamentally different way for practitioners to work together to support vulnerable children who have multiple and complex unmet needs, but whose issues do not quite meet the statutory intervention threshold of Child, Youth and Family.

How do I get involved?

Children’s Teams consist of professionals and practitioners from across agencies, non-government and iwi/Māori organisations. To get involved, talk to your Manager and contact your local Children’s Team Director.