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A safe and competent children’s workforce

The Children’s Action Plan vision is for all those in the children’s workforce to work together in partnership with families and whānau of children who are vulnerable, so that these children thrive, belong and achieve.

The key changes for the workforce described in the Children’s Action Plan are:

The first two changes were given legislative force in the Vulnerable Children Act 2014. In time these will affect around 370,000 people in the children’s workforce, their employers, and those who manage and lead them.

Frequently asked questions

Sector specific guidance

Agencies have prepared extra advice about the children’s workforce changes.

Education sector

The Ministry of Education has produced guides and FAQs for providers in both the early childhood and schooling sectors:

The Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand has also produced an FAQ for registered teachers and those seeking registration status (external link) (external link)

Health sector

The Ministry of Health has provided guidance and FAQs for health sector providers (external link). (external link)

Justice sector

Information for the justice sector is available here (external link) (external link)

Get involved

Children’s Teams are a trans-disciplinary approach that bring together non-government and iwi/Māori organisations, community and agencies to support vulnerable children. To get involved, talk to your Manager and contact your local Children’s Team Director.