Children's Teams Safety Checking

The Employer Endorsement Form [DOCX, 132 KB] for Children’s Team participants has recently been updated. While the Children’s Teams will accept old forms, it is strongly advised that you check that your forms are up to date.

Children’s worker safety checking requirements for Children’s Teams

People working with children and their families and whānau in Children’s Teams must be safety checked to the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 standard.

This is to ensure children accessing the Children’s Team are kept safe, and to accelerate employer uptake of new requirements.

In all cases, the safety checking is the responsibility of the person’s employer and the Children’s Team Director will simply be seeking the employer’s confirmation that the required checking has been done.

This policy applies to:

  • All members of the Local Governance Group.
  • All Children’s Team Panel members, Service Brokers, and Lead Professionals.
  • All roles appointed by the Children’s Team Director and/or the Children’s Action Plan Directorate.

Members of each Child’s Action Network will also need to be safety checked where:

  • they are named in the Child’s Plan and will have access to shared personal information about the child; or
  • If the Children’s Team Director believes there is a reasonable justification for doing so; or
  • If they will have access to individual case files within the Vulnerable Kids Information System (ViKI).

This requirement also applies to all workers in these roles, even if they would otherwise not be subject to the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 (e.g., because they are a volunteer).

Children’s Team Employer Endorsement

Safety checking will need to be done by the employer (generally the person’s manager or an appropriate human resources representative). Find out more about the required checks.

Ideally, the checking will have already been done as part of the employers pre-employment checking, or as a consequence of the phasing-in of the Vulnerable Children Act 2014. If not, the checks will need to be updated to the required standard.

Once the employer is satisfied they have met the required standard, they confirm this by completing the declaration at the bottom of the Children’s Team Safety Checking Employer Endorsement [DOCX, 132 KB].

Employers are also required to make sure that safety checks of workers participating in the Children’s Team are updated at least every three years following their initial check. The Employer Endorsement contains a place to record the date of the checking, to help the Children’s Team to track whether checks are up to date.

Once the form is completed, employers return it to the Children’s Team Director. All information will be held securely by the Children’s Team Director in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

Summary of the checks required

Find out more about the required checks.

Where potential Children’s Team participants are already employed by your organisation, you will need to confirm they have been checked to the “existing worker” standard as described in the regulations. When appointing new people who may be working in Children’s Teams, be sure to check them to the “new worker” standard.

As noted above, in addition to confirming these checks have been completed, you will need to provide the date when this was done, and ensure the checks are updated as required every three years.