Relying on safety checks done by others

This page contains information for organisations looking to rely on children’s worker safety checks conducted on their behalf by other organisations.

Under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014, organisations may rely on safety checks that have been conducted by others on their behalf.

However, some form of formal agreement or acknowledgment is required to establish the checking is being done on behalf of the specified organisation. For example, a memorandum of understanding, or letter of intent.

When relying on checks done on their behalf by others, organisations must still complete an identity check and risk assessment for all children’s workers, even if these have already been completed by another organisation.

If choosing to rely on a safety check completed on their behalf by someone else, organisations should:

  • Obtain confirmation from the person or organisation doing the safety checking that they are doing it on your behalf. This should be done before the checking is done.
  • Obtain confirmation in writing from the person or organisation doing the safety check that it has been done to the standard set out in the Vulnerable Children Act 2014.
  • Complete the required separate identity check and risk assessment.

Work is underway that will make these processes easier:

  • Work with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and Universities New Zealand to develop processes to support portability of checks for students undertaking vocational placements.  Information about these processes is available on our website, the TEC (external link) (external link) and Universities New Zealand (external link) (external link) websites.
  • A group led by the Ministry of Health is looking at options for establishing an approved screening service to further enhance portability of checking in some sectors (e.g., locums, Lead Maternity Carers, and Early Childhood Centre owner-operators).
  • The Ministry of Education is working to establish processes for relieving teachers moving between multiple schools. Interim guidance is available on the Ministry of Education (external link) (external link) website.