Children's Team resources

This page contains resources relating to Children's Team practice and processes. See How Children's Teams work for more information about Children's Teams.

Children's Team Practice Process [PDF, 265 KB]

The Children's Team practice process provides an overview of the way a Children's Team works, from initial referral to the exit of a child from the team.

Children's Team Entry criteria [DOCX, 595 KB]

The Entry Criteria describes the threshold for Children's Teams in relation to the level of a child's need and the needs of the family and whanau.

Children's Team Panel Terms of Reference [PDF, 391 KB]

The Terms of Reference sets out how the Children's Team Panel operates.

Children's Team Panel Success Checklist [PDF, 275 KB]

Children's Team Panel members use the Checklist as guidance when making decisions during meetings.

Child's Action Network and Lead Professional Profile [PDF, 574 KB]

This document describes the role, responsibilities and duties of Child's Action Network members and Lead Professionals.

Lead Professional Supervision Policy [PDF, 552 KB]

This policy describes the roles and responsibilities of the Children's Action Plan Directorate, Children's Teams and the agencies and organisations who employ Lead Professionals will provide supervision of Lead Professional practice.

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