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More organisations required to have Child Protection Policies

More organisations will be required to have Child Protection Policies as soon as practicable from 18 April.

An Order in Council (the Vulnerable Children (Children’s Services) Order 2016 (external link) (gazetted 10 March) (external link) will come into force on 18 April 2016 to add five service types to the definition of “children’s services” in accordance with section 15(2) of the Vulnerable Children Act (2014). Organisations that deliver family violence, addiction, mental health, disability and victims of crime services to adults living in households with children, and which receive government funding, will be required to put child protection policies in place.

These services have significant contact with families and children and will regularly work in situations where child vulnerability is present.

State services and district health boards will require these service types to have child protection policies as part of their contractual or funding arrangements with the providers.

More on Children’s Protection Policies here (external link)

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